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Langland Care Assisted Living

Keep living your life, with extra support when you need it.

We all want to maintain our independence as we get older. By choosing one of Langland cares assisted or independent living apartments, you will be able to live in your own beautifully appointed home safe in the knowledge that care and support is close at hand should you ever need it.

Each assisted living property is a well appointed, self-contained apartment set within the beautifully landscaped grounds of one of Langland Care's Communities.

Support & Services

With each assisted living property you can also enjoy the advantages of a variety of services provided through our onsite care home, including: a regular calendar of social activities, assistance with laundry and household chores, catering services (either in your own home or in our onsite restaurant) and individually tailored personal care and support.

Assisted living is designed to also make property rental as easy as possible with one simple payment which will include all bills and can be set up as a standing order to make living as stress free as possible, also through taking care of all major external property maintenance, gardening, and ongoing property management issues. This will allow you to live as independently as you wish with the security of knowing that help is never far away should you require it.

Peace of Mind

Each Assisted Living property is fitted with a 24-hour Emergency Call system linked to supportive staff providing peace of mind for yourself, your relatives and friends.

Guidance and Support

We’re here to help in any way we can – whether that i’s finding you the right support or helping you choose the best care home environment for your needs.


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